The following is an archival list of past newsletters. You can download all of them (as PDF), except for the few that are missing, such as Issues 2 & 3. Simply click on the underlined volume titles and you will get the newsletters.

The routines listed below in the list of newsletters are resources that may help you to develop your juggling skill into a ministry–or help your current ministry to be even better. These routines use all ranges of skill and props. Scroll down to see a bibliography of Christian Juggling books.

Ministry Routines are in bold for your convenience.

Issue 14 (1999)

  • Issue of routines that share the good news of the resurrection
  • “The Juggler’s Easter Quiz Biz” by Nathan Dorrell, a story intended for use as a juggling routine that reminds us that what God did for us on Resurrection Sunday is the greatest love story of all!
  • “Three Men and the Stuff They Died For” by Stanley Mearse and Nathan Dorrell. A team juggling skit about the two thieves and Jesus, reminding us that we too deserve to die, but Jesus took our place.
  • “God’s Witness – The Returning Rubber Band” not a juggling message, but a trick and message with a rubber band that explains what faith really is.
  • “What’s The Difference?” by David Cain. A routine that speaks about how Christ is different than all the other religious leaders of the world.

Issue 13 (1998)

  • “JAMES ROGERS: The Life of a Christian Juggler”
  • “Meet CJA Member Ed Carstens”
  • “More News From CJA Members Around the World”
  • “The Gospel of Juggling” by Nathan Dorrell is a story intended as a juggling routine. This story shares the message that it’s not all the things you do that makes you a Christian, it’s knowing Jesus.

Issue 12 (1998)

  • “Child of God, And Juggler, Ken Burke”
  • “CJA News From the 51st IJA Festival”
  • “More CJA News from Around the World!”
  • “A Gospel Routine – Zacchaeus” This is a diabolo routine that tells the story of Zacchaeus and shares the gospel.

Issue 11 (1998)

  • “Send in your Photos”
  • David Hicks – One half of “PASS IT ON”
  • Richard Pace – The other half
  • “The Truth Is Out There” by David Hicks and Richard Pace – this is a black light juggling routine that demonstrates that we must trust God’s hand in our life – even when we can’t see his hand. This is a two person routine. Setup and details are also included for technical info on black light performing.
  • “The Missing Piece – A Juggling Invitation” by David Cain. This is a tremendous illustration to help people look at their lives and see if they are truly Christians and to invite them to make that decision using only three balls.

Issue 10 (1997)

  • Christmas routines issue
  • “Mr. Clown Juggles Christmas” by Nathan Dorrell. This is a story that is to be used as a juggling routine. The message is “the true meaning of Christmas.”
  • “Little Bill’s Special Christmas” by Curtis Miller. This is a story routine about trusting God and his word.
  • “Christmas Juggling Routine Ideas.” Seven ideas to help you expand your Christmas gospel presentations.
  • “The Christmas Lights Sing and Dance” by Nathan Dorrell. This routine is meant to be done in the dark with battery lit balls or glow balls to talk about shining your light for Christ.

Issue 9 (1997)

  • Bill Giduz, Jugglers World Editor Runs For IJA Board
  • Mary E. Wilkins and Her Juggling Library
  • Kay Adds a Ring to Juggle
  • Sharon Harvey found a poem for us to enjoy
  • “New Ideas for Juggling Ministry” by David Cain. This is a routine to express the importance of always taking time to read God’s word.

Issue 8 (1996)

  • CJA to Light Up 50th IJA Convention
  • Meet The Christian Juggler (Steve Parlette)
  • CJA Business
  • CJA Members in the Media

Issue 7 (1996)

  • CJA Update
  • The CJA has a New President (Nathan Dorrell)
  • Meet The Christian Juggler (Bob Nickerson)
  • A History of Spinning Tops (Byron T. Watts)
  • Passing The Torch (David Hicks)

Issue 6 (1996)

  • Meet The Christian Juggler – Matthew Mendoza
  • Book Review: Dewey’s Gospel Juggling Skits (reviewed by David Cain)
  • CJA Update
  • “Juggling Ministry Ideas – They Shall Be As White As Snow” by David Cain. This gospel illustration uses rings and shares the message of Isaiah 1:18 and illustrates that our lives must be washed white by God’s power through Jesus Christ.
  • “The Poor Rich Juggler” by Nathan Dorrell. This is a story that is intended to be used as a routine. The message of the story is that when we put our faith in ourselves we throw our lives away. It tells how we need to put our faith and life in God’s perfect hands.

Issue 5 (1996)

  • Meet The Christian Juggler (Nathan Dorrell)
  • CJA Update – The CJA Goes Worldwide
  • Notes
  • “Juggling With a Gospel Message” – This article by Nathan Dorrell contains scriptures, church humor and illustrations that Nathan uses while juggling. These help prepare the audience for the gospel juggling message that follows (in later issues.)

Issue 4 (1995)

  • Meet The Christian Juggler (Mike Hout)
  • Book Review – Juggling With a Gospel Message (reviewed by David Cain)
  • CJA Update
  • New Ideas For Juggling Ministry – This article by David Cain contains ideas to encourage believers to witness, about our focus in life needing to be on God, and about faith.

Issue 2 & Issue 3 (1994/1995) – Missing

Issue 1 (1994)

  • The CJA’s Humble Beginnings
  • Meet the Christian Juggler (CJA founder, Michael Koehler)
  • Juggling in Scripture
  • “Juggling With a Gospel Message – My Testimony” – This routine uses several examples that Michael uses to share his testimony. Michael also illustrates experiences in the Christian life with juggling tricks.