All books on Christian Juggling recognized by the CJA:

“The Beginners Guide to Christian Juggling” by David Cain. David’s first book is $8 in the US and $10 internationally. Make payable to David Cain. It includes 10 routines that anyone can do if they have a strong three ball cascade. Send orders to: David Cain; 6215 Kyles Station Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011; (513) 779-2750.

“The Handbook of Christian Juggling Routines” by David Cain. David Cain’s second book contains routines for all levels of juggling skill. It contains 50 Christian routines. The second book is $23 Send orders to: David Cain; 6215 Kyles Station Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011; (513) 779-2750.

“Throwing Up. . . Gracefully” by Darren Collins is an instructional juggling book that contains basic juggling instructions as well as 20 faith sharing routines. Darren’s book is very comical as well. For his book, send $13 to Darren Collins; PO Box 2947, DeSoto, TX 75123.

“Juggling With a Gospel Message” by Sheldon H. Rhodes. This book has 29 routines for basic jugglers. You will also find it helpful if you have a higher level of skill. It is available through The Puppet Prospectors, Inc.; 10230 East State Rd, Nashville, MI 49073; (517) 852-1851.

“Dewey’s Gospel Juggling Skits” by Ralph Dewey. This is a 16 page booklet with several good routines in it. It is available from Dewey’s Good News Balloons; 1202 Wildwood Dr, Deer Park, TX 77536. Also ask about other copies of Dewey’s material that have juggling routines in them.

“Now That You Can Juggle, What Now? 14 Gospel Juggling Routines For the Beginner” by Mary Lenski 1994. Juggling routines targeted at young children. Available for $2 including shipping in the USA from: Mary Lenski; 28404 Hales Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071.

“Juggling For Jesus” by David Cain. 2003. This book is 41 pages in length and contains 50 Christian juggling routines using balls, eggs, rings, clubs, devil stick, diabolo, ball spinning, plate spinning, cigar boxes, hats, and novelty props. This book is available for $23 including shipping in the USA from: David Cain; 6215 Kyles Station Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011.

“Messages In Motion: The Art of Using Juggling in Christian Ministry” by Jim Scott 2005. 50 routines over 200 pages. The routines use scarves, balls and clubs. Also discusses important aspects of ministry. For cost and ordering please contact Jim Scott at (719) 598-9617 or by email at